Energy Management Policy & Planning

The Aim Of The Service

PES aims to provide your business with a robust energy implementation and management plan and policy that delivers optimal efficiencies throughout your industrial or commercial organisation. Ultimately, our energy management services are about reducing spend and energy consumption where possible.

What We Do For You

Following an exhaustive assessment and review of your current energy provision, PES offer you expert energy efficiency advice and solutions. We will

  • Create a robust energy plan to include energy reduction targeting and performance benchmarking
  • A documented energy policy including energy consumption best practices
  • Use our expertise to support the management of your policy and programme internally
  • Engage with senior management to introduce or manage energy steering groups with the aim of making the energy plan all inclusive, ensuring that its implementation is cohesive, involving all relevant stakeholders throughout your business
  • Be present at internal or third party meetings to provide expertise and knowledge to communicate the purpose and outputs of your energy programme
  • Provide comprehensive data-driven reporting, reliably and on time
PES is ready to help you reduce your business energy usage and costs. Call us today.