Energy Monitoring & Targeting

The Aim Of The Service

We aim to remove the need for you to bring in-house the necessary but onerous and time consuming task of carrying out complex data analysis and reporting to support your energy plan and policy.

What We Do For You

We complete meticulous and ongoing analysis of your energy consumption trends, ensuring that your processes and systems are aligned to your energy performance targets. This process is known as Monitoring & Targeting (M & T). Within this we

  • Harvest and intelligently analyse all energy related data
  • Expose areas of energy over-spend or energy wastage
  • Identify where equipment faults or failings are negatively impacting your energy efficiencies
  • Create recommendations and insights to improve your energy efficiencies
  • Monitor your performance and report back at frequencies you decide
PES is ready to help you reduce your business energy usage and costs. Call us today.