Supply Administration

The Aim Of The Service

To take ownership of the sometimes time-consuming process of managing the activities of your utility suppliers, on your behalf, so that you do not need to get needlessly distracted from your core activities. This saves you time and money.


What We Do For You

Since the deregulation of the gas and electricity industry, utility suppliers have become more complex in their internal structures and resultantly so has the efficiency with which business interface with them. This has led to having to engage with multiple departments and agents, to get the simplest of tasks executed. It is an exercise that is as frustrating as it is time consuming and costly.

The Service Plan You Receive

In short ,we become the point of contact for any activity your utility suppliers wish to carry out including:

Managing site energy capacity changes

Billing audits & validation

Co-ordinating new installations and connections

Organising the fitting of power factor correction equipment

PES is ready to help you reduce your business energy usage and costs. Call us today.