Water Audit Services

The Aim Of The Service

p>Our aim is to work with you to significantly reduce your water costs and ultimately create a water efficient business. In some cases, our water audit programmes have reduced our clients’ costs by up to 80%. We have also been able to secure refunds for clients where there has been overcharging that the client was unaware of prior to our audit programme. The impact on the financial bottom line is measurable, as is the positive environmental implication.


What We Do For You

Our comprehensive water and sewerage audit service focuses on assessment, planning and evaluation during which we will

  • Evaluate the water usage and efficiency in your single or multi-site business
  • Review your current water and sewerage charges to identify potential savings and overcharging
  • Review volumetric tariffs
  • Review trade effluent discharge rates
  • Identify potential leakage and unidentified consumption
  • Identify opportunities for water recycling
  • Identify potential areas to reduce water consumption
  • Review opportunities for improved control
  • Check charging structures for accuracy and to ensure they reflect the site characteristics
  • Identify ways to reduce water/sewerage charges, including standing charges
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